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Paper cushion pads

We make the highest quality cushion pads for chocolate boxes
from 2 to 9 layers of paper.

Paper cushion pads

We offer both cushion pads with FLEXO print up to 8 colors and without.


Paper cushion pads

We make the highest quality quilts for chocolate boxes from 2 to 9 layers of paper.

Paper cushion pads

We offer both cushion pads with FLEXO print up to 8 colors and without.

From 2 to 9 layers of paper

With or without print

Paper cushion pads

Protection, cushioning and decoration of praline boxes
  • we offer various shapes and sizes tailored to the customer's needs
  • from different types of paper
  • with or without print
  • from 2 to 9 layers of paper

Sweets are products that have been very popular among customers for a long time. However, high competition does not make running a business in this industry easier. Make your brand stand out on the market and buy comprehensive quilts for. Here you will learn about their types and properties. You will also learn why it is worth choosing our products.

What are the uses of chocolate box quilts?

If you are actively involved in the confectionery market, you are certainly aware of how important safe product packaging is. Nobody would like to receive crushed or broken chocolate. How to ensure high protection of your products? The solution is chocolate box quilts.

Our ecological paper packaging provides protection, cushioning and at the same time decoration of praline boxes. Thanks to this, the chocolate boxes will be more resistant to damage and deformation, but at the same time they will be remembered by consumers as visually attractive products.

Which packaging should you choose for chocolate boxes?

The current situation in the world shows how important environmental protection is. Sustainable and environmentally friendly production of chocolate boxes is often not only a legal requirement, but also a way to convince a larger group of recipients. This is why brands are increasingly choosing to use ecological materials.

Ecology does not limit the diversity of the offer in any way. As a company that works to protect the world's forest resources, we offer various shapes and sizes of chocolate box quilts tailored to customer needs:

  • from different types of paper,
  • with or without print,
  • from 2 to 9 layers of paper.

Arpak bonbonniere quilts

Take a look at our offer and you will surely find something for yourself!

We present examples chocolate box quilts in various shapes and sizes made using different types of paper. Among them you will find packaging:

  • white without print,
  • with embedded print,
  • made of brown paper.

White without print

With a fitted print

brown paper

Take care of the environment with us

In the interest of protecting the world's forest resources, in 2014 we implemented the FSC® system in our company. It is a guarantee that the raw materials used in our production come from well-managed forests.

At the customer's request, we use raw materials with a statement for the production of duvets FSC®. Ask for products with this certificate available in our offer. Our traders will be happy to prepare an offer for you.


Other products
Paper trays

Perfect filling for any packaging, which at the same time cushions and protects your product.

Paper bags

We have a wide range of models and formats of paper bags. Ecological and durable.


Paper bags for bread are the necessary equipment for bakeries and confectioneries.

Bubble paper

An ecological and modern product that is an excellent alternative to bubble wrap.

Corrugated paper

Ecological and modern product that perfectly protects your product.

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is an indispensable product in any home, office or workshop.

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