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2-layer bubble paper - paper packaging

Paper packaging is an ecological and modern product that is an excellent alternative to bubble wrap.


Paper with and without printing

Environmentally friendly character, extraordinary durability and high visual qualities

Our 2-layer bubble product combines the advantages of traditional packaging foil and an ecological product. Paper packaging of this type is biodegradable and recyclable. They are made of raw materials from renewable sources, which contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and protecting our planet.

The offered packaging is a perfect solution for protecting various products during transport, especially the most delicate and easily damaged ones - e.g. porcelain, glass elements, cosmetic products or components of industrial systems.

2-ply bubble paper is available in rolls and sheets, which allows it to be used to pack all kinds of items, even those with very unusual shapes. In addition, the pure whiteness of the product and the texture of bubbles make each content secured with this packaging look very aesthetically pleasing.

2-layer bubble paper

An alternative to bubble wrap

  • phenomenal and durable
  • ecological product
  • perfectly secures products during transport
  • possibility of purchasing paper on rolls and in sheets
  • It works very well in packing: porcelain, glass, and costly products
  • ideal for packing industrial parts
  • gives a unique character thanks to the texture of bubbles and the pure white of the paper

You will surely find something for yourself!

We present 2-layer bubble paper

2-layer bubble paper

Ease of use

Double-layer bubble paper comes in two forms.

    • Wrapped on a roll, it can be used in automated production.
      The advantage of roll paper is that it does not pick up static like synthetic films and does not transfer dirt to the products it protects.
    • Two-layer paper in sheets is more often chosen by smaller companies and manufactories focused on the retail customer, which manually pack their shipments.


Other products
Paper trays

Perfect filling for any packaging, which at the same time cushions and protects your product.

Paper bags

We have a wide range of models and formats of paper bags. Ecological and durable.


Paper bags for bread are the necessary equipment for bakeries and confectioneries.

Paper quilts

Protection, shock absorption and decoration of praline boxes at the same time.

Corrugated paper

Ecological and modern product that perfectly protects your product.

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is an indispensable product in any home, office or workshop.

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    Take care of the environment with us

    In the interest of protecting the world's forest resources, in 2014 we implemented the FSC® system in our company. It is a guarantee that the raw materials used in our production come from well-managed forests.

    At the client's request, we use raw materials with a declaration for the production of 2-layer bubble paper FSC® . Ask for products with this certificate available in our offer. Our traders will be happy to prepare an offer for you.
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